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The Lisbon MBA Alumni embrace the spirit of community and are at the heart of our endeavors, bringing together all graduates of The Lisbon MBA and its predecessors’ MBA programs from Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE.
Although located in several geographies, our alumni are close to the schools and participate regularly in The Lisbon MBA activities, not only inspiring current students, but also refreshing the knowledge with updated management techniques and solutions, making the most out of a powerful network around the world.

Alumni Stories

Sometimes we need to get inspired by others’ milestones in order to break new ground.

The Lisbon MBA Alumni are chasing their dreams. They have changed careers, they have successfully started their own businesses, they have become better leaders, strongly prepared to tackle organizational challenges and ready to empower others. Take a close look and be inspired by their journeys. 

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The Lisbon MBA

The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club

The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club is a community for the alumni of both The Lisbon MBA and its predecessor MBA programs from Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE. All graduates from The Lisbon MBA programs are automatically members of The Lisbon MBA Club. It is run by its own Board, which includes the Executive Director of The Lisbon MBA. These are the elected Board Members for the mandate of 2018-21:

Get Involved

Our alumni can be as much involved as they wish. They can share their expertise and their companies’ manpower needs on special events, mentor a current student, offer internships, hire students or alumni and supervise management projects, always enhancing our common brand.


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