The Importance of Soft Skills | Jornal de Negócios

Anabela Possidónio, our Executive Director, talks about the importance of soft skills and the consequent paradigm shift we are experiencing. Article in portuguese, published in (...)

Ensino de Topo | Executive Digest

The Lisbon MBA International Full Time is among the 100 best MBA programs in the world and it’s the 20th best in Europe, according to (...)

Reinforcing Competencies | The Lisbon MBA @ Exame

Reforçar competências – The Lisbon MBA Article in portuguese, published in Exame (printed edition).

The Lisbon MBA in South Africa

Article in portuguese, published in O Século de Joanesburgo (printed edition)

Expresso's Barometer: Are the financial markets afraid of Donald Trump?

Check the opinion of The Lisbon MBA alumni on some key topics about the impact of Donald Trump’s election in the economic world. Article in (...)

Triple A - Amrop Agile Award

Triple AAA

The Lisbon MBA developed in partnership with Amrop, Sonae and Expresso, the Amrop Agile Award. In this competition, students were challenged to demonstrate “MBA knowledge”, (...)


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