On average, our students have 7 to 9 years of work experience and most of them are fluent in 3 languages. Both our programs, the International Full Time and the Executive programs, attract professionals from different nationalities and backgrounds, and throughout the duration of the MBA our students are constantly challenged to work in cross-cultural teams. Please click here to see our International Full Time MBA Class Average Profile.

We’re looking forward to helping you fulfill your company’s talent needs via FULL TIME JOB POSTINGS or our SUMMER PROJECTS INTERNSHIPS. You can also request a CV BOOK for each MBA Class.


Full Time Job Postings

Your company can have access to our students and alumni pool of talent, posting your full-time vacancies through our students and alumni community and receiving applications directly. Advertising is completely free of charge, making it one of the most cost effective recruitment methods.

 You can also count on the Career Management Center (CMC) to receive the applications on your behalf. This is particularly relevant if you do not want to disclose the name of the company that is hiring. If your prefer, interviews can be conducted at The Lisbon MBA facilities.

 Please send us your job description to the email careers@thelisbonmba.com

Summer Projects

All participants from The Lisbon MBA International program are required to complete a challenging internship that allows them to leverage their business skills and at the same time contribute towards a company’s initiative or specific project. The internship has a duration of 8 to 10 weeks, from July to August, and can be based in Portugal or abroad. Projects should allow MBA interns to apply their skills in many different ways in what concerns to Business Strategy, International Perspective and cross-cultural work skills.

Whether the project is based in Portugal or abroad, our goal is to collaborate with companies to leverage the leadership talent of our participants. From 2009 to 2016, we had a total of 271 students and 116 companies enrolled in the Summer Projects.


Benefits of hiring an MBA Intern

– MBA Interns will bring to your company what they have gained with their prior work experience, their professionalism and enthusiasm, providing you with a valuable and reliable source of talent. They are motivated to learn about your company and put into practice new skills and new tools to successfully complete the projects you assign to them.

– MBA Interns work as consultants, helping your company to kick-start important projects, assessing their viability and defining a resource plan to move ahead.

– MBA Interns hired as full time employees upon graduation are already familiar with your company. This accelerates employee performance, productivity, and engagement with internal and external stakeholders.


How should your company proceed?

If your company is interested in accessing our MBA students you should send your internship positions until the end of each year to careers@thelisbonmba.com. We will present the positions to the next year Class.

For any additional information, please contact careers@thelisbonmba.com.

We will also work with your company to identify and design challenging projects that will get you the full value of having a student from The Lisbon MBA.


CV Book

We produce a specially made CV book for each MBA Class (International Full Time and Executive). CV books are available to recruiters free of charge. To request your copy, please contact the MBA Careers Team on careers@thelisbonmba.com.


What previous participants say about The Summer Internship Program:

“We have been recruiting The Lisbon MBA graduates since the start of the Summer Internship program. We have already given internships to fourteen graduates and four have been hired for full time positions. We believe that The Lisbon MBA graduates have a unique potential, are good team players and results oriented. These are characteristics that we value in our organization”

Cristina Campos, CPO Head & Country President Novartis

“At Novartis, during the internship I’m a real collaborator of the company. I was immersed on a team and I’m the owner of a strategic project with real impacts for Novartis’ performance. During this internship I’m having the opportunity to place my previous background and experience into action alongside with the knowledge gained during the MBA program. At the same time it’s being a great learning experience. From the organizational, cultural and strategic points of view, Novartis is an outstanding corporation – here I have the chance to contact with and learn the best management practices.”

Marco Lages, 2015 International Full Time Class


“The entrepreneurship hub is a good opportunity to test not only an idea you might have but also the whole concept of entrepreneurship. Now more than ever Lisbon is the place to be for developing new projects and finding the right people to help you do it. The city has great incubators and accelerators and investors are starting to pay attention to the ecosystem. With the Web Summit currently committed to Lisbon for the next 4 edition,s the entrepreneurship hub can be the right place to start engaging with this community and start building a strong network.”

 Manuel Coutinho, 2015 International Full Time Class