Our commitment is to keep improving the quality of The Lisbon MBA and we aim to keep making a contribution to the development of business talent worldwide. If you want to take part in this endeavor there are several opportunities you can embrace and get involved with.


Recognize the Potential of your Employees

Sponsoring students from your organization during their MBA course is a way to contribute for their development as future managers and leaders. Moreover, you will benefit from a direct return on investment already during the program due to its practical approach. The sponsorship can be materialized in different ways according to the company and students’ goals.


Recognize the Potential of The Lisbon MBA students

Awards are a good way to recognize an outstanding ability, competence, career path or a given performance of The Lisbon MBA students in one specific area. This is the chance to link talent with your company’s positioning.

AMROP and Leadership Business Consulting are examples of companies that have created award programs for our students.

Help developing business talent worldwide

The Lisbon MBA has been awarding scholarships to students since 2007. These scholarships have had several differentiating criteria and have helped students to fulfill their career aspirations by facilitating their access to an internationally recognized MBA program. We believe in continuing this practice as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

However, to materialize the ambition of contributing to the development of business talent worldwide, we will need to increase the number of scholarships we have available each year, and if your company wants to make a difference and if  helping developing business talent worldwide fits into your company’s CSR policy please get in touch with our us.

There are several options of scholarships that your company can support. As an example, your company can create a general scholarship with the company’s name and define its awarding criteria or it can support a scholarship for a specific target group (e.g. entrepreneurs, women, specific geographies, etc.) if that woud be more in line with the positioning of your company and its CSR strategy.


Sponsor The Lisbon MBA

The Lisbon MBA was launched due to the ambition of both Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE to create a world-class MBA in Portugal and also a group of companies that believed in this project and decided to sponsor our joint-venture. Having been a sponsor of an MBA program belonging to the top 2 business schools in Portugal and that has been recognized as a success case of internationalization, has been a unique opportunity for our sponsoring partners to be recognized in the business arena and by the public institutions.

Furthermore they have gained exclusive access to a community of talented and global managers, carried out in-depth conversations and gotten valuable feedback from our faculty and engaged with well-known researchers.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Lisbon MBA please get in touch with our Executive Director, Anabela Possidónio, anabela.possidonio@thelisbonmba.com.