The International Lab is a global challenge that tackles real business problems in international markets with an intensive multicultural experience, where students from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program team up with MBA students from other Universities abroad.

There are 3 markets in which the International Labs can be developed: China, Brazil and Mexico. In the China Lab, The Lisbon MBA students work together with MBA students from the Fudan University in Shanghai; in the Brazil Lab our students are paired with MBA students from Insper University in São Paulo, and in the Mexico Lab the team is completed with MBA students from Egade in Mexico City or Monterrey.

Students act as consultants, with the support of 2 faculty members, for a company with a project in the Chinese, Brazilian or Mexican markets. The projects kick-off in July and feature an intensive two-week preparation phase in China, Brazil or Mexico, depending on the chosen market. The teams will then work virtually during the implementation phase which involves research, data analysis and the development of proposals. In August the teams meet in Lisbon and presents their findings to the company’s senior management team.

How should your company proceed?

The International Labs takes part in The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program between July and August and if you want your company to resort to this service you should send your project descriptions by March 2nd to

Previous companies that have participated in the International Labs include Sumol-Compal, Fosun, Intercement, Maksen, EDP Brasil, Grupo Pestana, Portugal Telecom and Unicer.


How will it work in 2017?

Human Resources

– 2 to 3 The Lisbon MBA students

– 2 to 3 academic/university partner students

– 1 faculty supervisor from The Lisbon MBA

– 1 faculty supervisor from the academic/university partner

– 1 company supervisor from the company


Company Project Schedule

June 29th to July 10th: Preparation Phase – both teams meet together in Lisbon or Mexico, China or Brazil

July 13th to August 24th: Implementation Phase – each team in their own country

August 25th to September 2nd: Presentation – both teams meet together in Lisbon or Mexico, China or Brazil, depending on the location of the Board


What previous participants say about The International Labs

“EDP launched an innovative and much updated challenge to Brazil Lab 2013: Launching a startup incubator in Brazil, focused in the energy sector. The Lisbon MBA and Insper teams identified significant differences between Portuguese and Brazilian markets, with respect to entrepreneurship, startups and business incubation, having made an exhaustive assessment of best practices worldwide. The challenge has been largely overcome, having been clarified all relevant aspects for the implementation of the project in Brazil, and the evolution of the incubator EDP Starter in Portugal. The results of the Brazil Lab were extremely positive for EDP, reinforcing the high quality that has been presented before.”

Carla Pimenta – Head of Entrepreneurship, EDP Inovação Portugal
João Brito Martins – Head of Innovation, EDP Brasil


 “It was an incredible experience. From my personal point of view, the opportunity of participating in a project with a multicultural team and being able to follow their steps throughout the whole process thanks to the quality of the team members and to the knowledge they produced, is extremely rewarding. From the point of view of the project, this experience was, is and will be a relevant road map to the definition, development and production of the internationalization strategy for this region.”

João Gomes, International Director Unicer


 “The consulting experience of the Fudan MBA-Lisbon MBA project during the summer of 2013 was unique to all of us. The sponsor company in Portugal, Dielmar, offered an excellent opportunity to the Chinese students to learn about the Portuguese business context and the focus area of the project. Acting as consultants, Chinese students had the chance to explore the business opportunity in China, while Portuguese students realized the uniqueness of Chinese market as an emerging market in this area as well. This project reached a win-win situation to the sponsor company, the Fudan MBA program and The Lisbon MBA program.”

Emma Qiu, Assistant Professor at Fudan University and project supervisor