Your organization will be able to benefit from a qualified external force and have access to a team of MBA consultants from The Lisbon MBA pool of talent to help you find solutions to your corporate challenges, develop successful methodologies and assist you with your international marketing strategy.



Business Case Competition

The Business Case Competition is a challenge that takes place at an advanced phase of both the International Full Time and the Executive programs and it was created to give companies the opportunity to receive different perspectives on the same problem. Students are divided into groups and work separately to solve a real-life situation in a competitive environment, applying all the concepts already learnt during the MBA and delivering value added answers to the sponsor company’s questions.

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Business Consulting Lab

The Business Consulting Lab is an integrative course that is included in the structure of both the International Full Time and the Executive programs and it consists of a consulting project with a duration of 3 months. In this project our MBA students form a team of business consultants and work with supervising members from The Lisbon MBA faculty team. Your organization will benefit from theoretical and practical knowledge that will lead to successful solutions and methodologies.

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International Labs

The International Lab is a global challenge that tackles real business problems in international markets with an intensive multicultural experience, where students from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program team up with MBA students from other Universities abroad.

There are 3 markets in which the International Labs can be developed: China, Brazil and Mexico. In the China Lab, The Lisbon MBA students work together with MBA students from the Fudan University in Shanghai; in the Brazil Lab our students are paired with MBA students from Insper University in São Paulo, and in the Mexico Lab the team is completed with MBA students from Egade in Mexico City or Monterrey.

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