The Lisbon MBA International is a 1-year full-time intensive program built to give you the management competencies required for today’s global business world.

Nothing is changing faster than change itself. This means that managers need to be prepared to respond to different changes, ocurring at different paces.

Today’s problems are different from the ones you were asked to solve yesterday, and so are the solutions! You will need to command and combine different sets of skills, to be creative and adaptable. In short, you will need a holistic business education, where you will be able to develop your cognitive, execution and emotional skills.

There are several reasons why you should consider The Lisbon MBA International:



The Lisbon MBA is a joint-venture between the two top business schools in Portugal – Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE. Both schools were considered ex aequo 23rd best European Business School by the Financial Times 2016 ranking. After graduating, our students receive an MBA Diploma from both schools and they also have the possibility of obtaining a Master degree in Business Administration.



Take classes and develop new networks at the MIT Sloan School of Management during a 1-month immersion in Boston. You will have access to MIT’s professors, prolific libraries and learning centers, while pursuing courses specifically focused on global issues in management. In addition, MIT Faculty members visit our campus to teach special courses and workshops. After graduating, students have access to the MIT Affiliate Status.



After your MBA core courses, complete a 2-month Action Learning period matching your career aspirations in Portugal or abroad. You can either apply to do a Summer Project in a company, be part of a consultancy group in an International Lab, or start your entrepreneurial venture through Startup Lisboa.



The Friday Forum aim is to provide you with the opportunity to leverage your potential and the skills to live your future leadership roles in a flexible and adaptable way. The Friday Forum workshops will allow you to become self-aware of your identity, beliefs and habits, realize the way they suit you when you need to handle challenging contexts and situations, and provide you with tools, concepts, or just “out of the box” experiences that will feed your own choices regarding who you are and who you want to become as a leader. Now, and in the future, you will be the owner of your own life and change processes.



The Lisbon MBA was considered the 20th best MBA program in Europe – by the Financial Times Top 100 Global MBA 2017 Ranking. It is also the 1st in the “International Course Experience” rank  in Europe.



One of the main objectives of our Career Management Center is to broaden the range of career opportunities open to you. To achieve it, we continuously develop contacts with the corporate world. Corporate Insight Sessions, Breakfasts with CEO’s, Mock interviews, Business Case Competition, Consulting Projects and Internships are some of the initiatives that you can experience as a student. At the end of the MBA you’ll have developed a network of contacts that will be key for lifelong career management.



The romantic and bustling Portuguese capital will be your home-base during several months of the program… With delicious food, fantastic weather and welcoming people, taking a relaxing break from class work will be a breeze. Welcome to Lisbon!



The Lisbon MBA classes are small in order to maximize the learning and create a very intimate classroom where students get to interact and learn from the best faculty, but also build stronger relationships and networks among their colleagues, MBA staff and corporate guests invited to classes and events. Be part of this very unique concept. Places are limited so start your application today!