To successfully manage international teams, you’ll need a good dose of cultural sensitivity – which is best earned when traveling and working abroad.

Through our collaboration with MIT Sloan, The Lisbon MBA International full-time gives you the chance to discover the culture and business practices of the fast-paced northeast of the United States.


1-month at MIT Sloan School of Management:

As a student of The Lisbon MBA International Full Time program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in courses and campus life at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts for four weeks during the month of June.

There you will have access to MIT’s professors, prolific libraries, and learning centers while pursuing the following courses:


Global Compliance and Ethical Issues
Global Markets and Strategy
Leadership as Acting
Managing Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Organizational Process
Talent Management

Welcome to Boston:

Living in Boston is the best way to learn about the culture of the USA – one of the world’s most important markets. During your time at MIT, you’ll work with students and faculty based in Cambridge, Massachusetts – further extending your network of friendships and professional relationships. As a part of your immersion period, you will visit several Boston-based companies and learn about their back-stories and how they were able to achieve success.

In addition, Boston is the ideal student town: with over 20 other universities based in the city, entertainment and night-life options are limitless. Take a Duck Tour to explore Boston’s historical landmarks both on and off the waterfront, learn how to sail on the Charles River, check out the boutiques in Boston’s south end or take a breather from classes at the Liberty Hotel, once known as Charles Street Jail and now a nighttime destination for locals and visitors. Boston has an extensive public transportation system, making traveling throughout the city easy for students.

MIT Affiliate Status:

The Lisbon MBA International full-time is, in fact, the only MBA program in Europe that offers 1-month immersion in the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management.

Graduates of The Lisbon MBA International are entitled to Affiliate Status in the MIT Sloan Alumni Association. Affiliates are individuals who have completed their MBA programs under the auspices of MIT Sloan’s global collaboration. By being featured in the MIT Sloan Alumni Directory, you will have access to an ever-growing network of business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.

The Affiliate Status offers notable benefits:

Access to a worldwide and extensive network that includes MIT Sloan Alumni and the other partner schools
Enables members to register for MIT Sloan club events, join discussion groups, and enter or update their personal contact information as needed
Opportunity to participate in most MIT Sloan regional clubs and affinity groups
Access to the MIT Sloan Alumni e-newsletter e-mail for life

The MIT Sloan Alumni e-newsletter keeps alumni and affiliates up to date on the latest groundbreaking research, management trends, faculty’s insights, alumni milestones and on-campus activities. This publication is also an opportunity to develop lifelong learning and networking opportunities between Alumni and Affiliates.

The Affiliate status reflects the growing integration of The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova programs into the MIT Sloan community. You become part of the family!