The Career Management Center’s main objective is to help students understand, identify and achieve their career goals. We work together to broaden the range of career opportunities open to students and we develop workshops and activities which aim to give students all the tools they need for lifelong career management.

The beginning of your Career change starts with yourself. During the first two months, you will be focusing on what you value, what you are and what you can and would like to become. At the same time you will be undertaking a deep self-assessment, you will be given the first tools to move forward with your Career Plan.

During the spring semester, our Career Management Center organizes on-campus presentations according to industry themes. Companies come directly to the school and all students of The Lisbon MBA have the opportunity to participate in Corporate Insight Sessions, where they’ll be able to get to know more about those companies, meet company managers and expand their professional network.

The following are examples of companies that have attended these events: AT Kearney, Bain & Company, Santander, BPI, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, EDP, Galp, Google, L’Oréal, McKinsey & Company, Novartis, PepsiCo, Portugal Telecom, Roland Berger, REN, Sonae, Vodafone, Unilever, The Boston Consulting Group, APETRO, TIMWE and Kemin Pharma.

During the summer, you’ll have the opportunity of experience one of three action learning opportunities: a Summer Project, an International Lab or the Entrepreneurship Hub.

From September onwards it’s time to fine tune your search plan and start preparing your go the market, in particular through Mock Interviews. At this point you will also be expected to start activating your network.

You can check more details about the Career Support given by the Career Management Center here.

Here are the cornerstones of your career development plan:

Career Roadmap 1

Discover Yourself | Explore | Experiment (January to August)

Discover Yourself


Using efficient Self-Assessment tools you can develop a deeper knowledge about yourself and learn how your personality relates to your career options.

You will be invited to attend Career Development Workshops in order to learn the career management fundamentals and conduct a well-planned search for your Summer Project.



Several well-known companies will be invited to come on Campus, to present their business, their challenges and their talent needs. Attending these Corporate Insight Sessions is a great opportunity for you to start developing your network.

Moreover, we will promote Networking Sessions that you should use as an opportunity to develop relationship with senior management and Alumni.



During the Summer Project, which can be developed in Portugal or abroad, you will have a unique opportunity to assess if a particular job role, company or industry, meets your career expectations and interests.

It will be very useful for you to experiment to understand if a possible career move makes sense.


Career Roadmap 2

Fine Tune | Get in Action (September to December)

Fine Tune


This is the time for you to start making decisions about what you really want to do.

The CMC will have Individual Career Coaching Sessions with you to discuss your career expectations, fine tune your CV and other tools needed for a successful job search.

Get in Action


You are now ready to start looking at the job market, and define your career action plan. The CMC will help you create your operational Job Search Plan, and fully prepare you for a job interview.

At the same time you will be invited to attend Career Development Workshops and prepare yourself to conduct a strategic search for a fulltime job. Additionally, we will provide you significant networking moments during the program, that you should attend, in order to increase your network, namely with our Alumni Community.

We believe that with the right approach and dedication from the beginning, the right tools, and the knowledge about the market, you will be able to take the right decisions that will help you find the job that is aligned with your expectations.