During the summer, as one of the alternatives for your action learning period, you may choose to integrate an International Lab in Brazil, China or Mexico, giving you an unique knowledge and experience in these emerging markets.

The International Labs provide an intensive multicultural experience, where students from The Lisbon MBA work with MBA students from Insper in São Paulo, Fudan University in Shanghai or EGADE in Mexico City.

Students will team up for 2 months and work together on a consulting project for a company with a project in the Brazilian, Chinese or Mexican markets. Projects kick-off in July and feature an intensive two-week preparation phase in one of the geographies. The teams will then work virtually during the implementation phase which involves research, data analysis and the development of proposals. In August the team meets again, either in Portugal, Brazil, China or Mexico and presents their findings to the company’s senior management team.

Every year, a different host company selects a business project to be developed and analysed.

Year Lab Company
2016 Brazil Sumol+Compal
2016 Brazil Delta
2015 Brazil Sumol+Compal
2015 China Fosun
2014 Brazil Intercement (Project 1)
2014 Brazil Intercement (Project 2)
2014 Brazil Maksen
2014 China Sumol+Compal
2013 Brazil EDP Brasil
2013 Brazil Maksen
2013 China Dielmar
2012 Brazil EDP
2012 Brazil Maksen
2012 China PT & Huawei
2011 Brazil Grupo Pestana
2011 China Unicer

In 2015, we’ve established a partnership with EGADE Business School for future International Labs in Mexico.

You will learn the true dynamics of these countries and economies through direct experience and leverage your business skills while learning with each other.



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