Students at The Lisbon MBA may choose one out of three distinct projects for the Action Learning period thus further developing their professional experience – a Summer Project, an International Lab or the Entrepreneurship Hub. Overall, an average of 40% of the Action Learning projects offer significant international experience.


Summer Projects

Students who choose to do the Summer Project embark on an internship type of project, joining a company either in Portugal or abroad. This experience will give our students the opportunity to develop their skills and to explore a new function, a new industry, a new market and even new geographies.


Summer Projects by Sector – from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time Class 2016



Summer Projects by Function – from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time Class 2016



Summer Projects by Geography – from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time Class 2016


International Labs


The International Labs are projects developed in teams and they work as consulting projects, thus focused in finding a solution for a business issue in three possible geographic locations: Brazil, China or Mexico. Historically, the scope of these projects has been very diverse – from exploring a new market, creating a business plan or assessing the application of new technologies – and in the end of the project the students present their solution to the company sponsoring the project.


Entrepreneurship Hub

For the students interested in becoming entrepreneurs or to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills, there is the option of joining the Entrepreneurship Hub. Every year, students from The Lisbon MBA International Full Time have the possibility to develop their own business idea at Start Up Lisboa and benefit from the networking and consultancy services available.