Academic Curriculum

The program presents an innovative curriculum, stimulating rigorous analysis, the use of emotional intelligence skills, socially responsible behavior and hands-on learning. A curriculum that is a bridge between academia and the corporate world, between theory and practice.

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Friday Forum

We believe that your MBA experience should be a journey of self-discovery, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our Friday Forum will allow you to explore your talents and skills in the most creative and unconventional ways.

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MIT Immersion

Through our partnership with MIT Sloan, The Lisbon MBA International gives you the chance to discover the culture and business practices of the fast-paced northeast of the United States.

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Action Learning

Summer Project

If you want to change functions or industries, The Lisbon MBA International encourages you to comple(...)

International Labs

During the summer, as one of the alternatives for your action learning period, you may choose to int(...)

Entrepreneurship Hub

The Entrepreneurship Hub will give you a solid opportunity to accomplish your ambitions as an entrep(...)

Action Learning Statistics

You can check here last year's data regarding the three action learning opportunities thus developin(...)

Career Management

The Career Management Center’s main objective is to help students to understand, identify and achieve their career goals. We work together to broaden the range of career opportunities open to students and we develop workshops and activities which aim to give students all the tools they need for lifelong career management.

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