The Lisbon MBA

The Lisbon MBA Executive students experience an International Immersion that takes them to a global business hub somewhere in the world.

Over one week, students meet with local companies, government authorities and academic institutions, experiencing first-hand the culture and businesses practices of another economy. The International Business Trip brings the themes discussed in class to life and gives a new perspective on the socio-economic and business conditions of countries around the world.

In the past, International Immersions have explored major hubs like China, India, Japan and Vietnam. In 2014, students traveled to Singapore and Malaysia and, in 2015, our students visited South Korea. In 2016, the trip took place in Dubai and this year it took our students to South Africa.

Read what our students have to say about the 2008 China trip:

“The China Trip in the scope of the MBA program was an extremely rewarding experience that clearly exceeded my expectations. Primarily, this trip provided me access to China socio-economic and business conditions and a unique opportunity for me to get close to the Chinese culture. It also allowed me to visit Chinese companies as well as to understand how international companies see the Chinese market. Another important advantage of this trip was the great diversity of participants’ backgrounds. During the trip, I had the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with professors, class mates and alumni as well as to discuss several subjects and to analyze different points of view. One of the most inspiring and value added experience at the MBA program was the China trip, which gave me the opportunity to build new and meaningful personal and working relationships.”

– Vanessa Marques 
The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2006-2008

Read what our students have to say about the 2014 Malaysia/Singapore trip:

“This trip helped us to better understand the differences between Portugal and Singapore/Malaysia, in a cultural and socio-economic perspective, contributing to the identification of new opportunities, still unexplored in our country. We’ve contacted entities and companies from different sectors and concluded that there is a clear and ambitious strategic development plan. Taking in consideration the Malaysian example, it is notorious their engagement in reaching the status of “developed country” in 2020, especially if we look at the high level of investment in sectors such as services and industry.”

 – Alexander Pattenden,
The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2013-2015


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