Executive MBA Development Program

The MBA is a transformation process. In an ever-changing world the first challenge of leaders is changing the way they see themselves and how they relate to others, catching the different shades of reality and crafting a mind able to diagnose the changes and rearrange the action. Over this 2-year program, you will embark on a self-development journey and will learn the main competencies top leaders need to mobilize people to tackle tough challenges and thrive.

The program starts even before you become a student, with a 360º assessment on the 4 fundamental areas of positive leadership: Psychological Characteristics, Interaction With Others, Balance and Well Being, Impact and Leadership. This assessment is going to be the basis for you to create your personalized development plan that you will work on through the MBA.

The 360º Development Program will be an essential tool to shape your personal and professional development, running throughout your time as a student. It will consist of:

  • A mix of experiential workshops per area of leadership;
  • Individual and group coaching sessions;
  • Integration with the Career Management Center
  • Workshops on career development pillars and principles

Executive MBA Development Program

Group Coaching:

Together with a small group of other EMBA colleagues, you will be able to choose and work on one of the four essential competencies of positive leadership. With this, you will benefit a lot from peer learning and have the opportunity to support and challenge each other. The groups will be facilitated by an experienced coach and, by the end of the program, you should be prepared to continue with the group by yourself, if you wish to do so. Moreover, you can learn from these techniques and apply them with your teams at work.


Individual Coaching:

You will have one-to-one sessions with a coach who will help you set up your development plan on positive leadership and will work together with you throughout the MBA.


Interactive Workshops:

Our workshops follow a structure of “learning by experiencing” and will cover the four essential leadership competencies, as well as communication skills, using an innovative and “out-of-the-box” methodology. Expect to be challenged!

Career Advising:

After you have worked on the 4 areas of leadership, you will have a personalized support from the Career Management Center to help you define goals and boost your career development.


Career Workshops:

The Career Management Center will run a set of workshops covering the fundamentals of career planning, such as personal branding, networking, how to look for a job in social media, among others.