Academic curriculum

Check the list of Mandatory Courses, Elective Courses and Integrative Courses available for The Lisbon MBA Executive program.

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360º Development Program

The 360º Development Program starts even before you become a student, with a 360º assessment on the 4 fundamental areas of positive leadership. This assessment is going to be the basis for you to create your personalized development plan that you will work on during the MBA. This will be an essential tool to shape your personal and professional development throughout your time as a student.

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International Immersion

Each year, The Lisbon MBA Executive students enjoy an International Immersion that takes them to a global business hub in an International destination. Over one week, students meet with local companies, government authorities and academic institutions, experiencing first-hand the culture and businesses practices of another economy.

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Exchange Programs

The Lisbon MBA Executive has a solid international scope and nurtures the multicultural interaction in both academic and professional environments. We provide our students the opportunity of doing elective courses abroad in renowned business schools.

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Career Management

The Career Management Center’s main objective is to help students to understand, identify and achieve their career goals. We work together to broaden the range of career opportunities open to students and we develop workshops and activities which aim to give students all the tools they need for lifelong career management.

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