Investing in People

A company might support their employees during their Executive MBA as a way to recognize their potential and to contribute to their development as future managers and leaders. Companies sponsoring students might benefit from direct returns on this investment already during the program. The sponsorship can be materialized in different ways according to the company and the student goals.

Companies supporting our EMBA students can directly and immediately benefit from the learning experience of their employees.

Benefits for Companies:

  • Direct and immediate application of the acquired knowledge and leadership skills to the business challenges
  • Be the basis of students projects
  • Powerful network
  • Possibility to participate in other program’s activities (participation in Corporate Insight Sessions, sponsorship of the Business Case Competition or International Lab,  participation in the Lisbon Lab Consulting Course as Project Providers,  Executive on Campus speaking engagements,  participation in Friday Forum workshops,  sponsorship of Student Clubs, scholarships and other recognition/performance awards)
It is important to develop a persuasive proposal for your company, stating your request (time to attend; partial or full financial support), outlining your contribution to the company and how the MBA can increase it and stating specific knowledge, skills and networking you will gain and that your company can benefit from.

If you feel that your company may want to join any of these initiatives, please feel free to contact our Career Management Center Coordinator, Marta Melo, by clicking here.