The Executive MBA as an Investment

Choosing to participate in a quality EMBA program requires a significant investment of both time and money. The management training, leadership development, networking and international opportunities offered by The Lisbon MBA Executive will prove to be invaluable assets as you progress in your career.

Tuition fees for The Lisbon MBA Executive program amount to €25,000. This investment includes courses, required cases and other educational materials, as well as the participation in the International Immersion. Our fees do not include text books, living expenses and visas.

After completing the MBA, our students can obtain the Master’s academic title by doing and defending a project work oriented by a Professor. There’s an additional cost of €4,000.

Payment Calendar:

Due Date Fees Description
After Admission €3,000 Registration Fee
August 15 €3,500 1st Term
December 15 €3,500 2nd Term
March 30 €3,500 3rd Term
May 15 €2,500 4th Term
August 15 €2,500 5th Term
December 15 €2,500 6th Term
March 30 €2,500 7th Term
May 15 €1,500 8th Term

The Lisbon MBA works closely with several Portuguese banks to offer students favorable conditions on educational loans. Currently, The Lisbon MBA Loan is offered by Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).