The Lisbon MBA Executive – Who are we looking for? 

The Lisbon MBA students are well-rounded , highly motivated, collaborative and resilient professionals who thrive under pressure.
When recruiting a new class, our Admissions’ Committee values the following aspects in an applicant:


“How will this applicant contribute to the diversity of the class?” is one of the questions we most often ask when analyzing an application. Make sure your essays outline all the attributes that make you a unique person. Remember that an MBA is about giving, as well as receiving. The more you invest and give of yourself, the more you will take out of the experience. For The Lisbon MBA, it is extremely important to gather a diverse group of individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and collaborate with each other. The most innovative solutions are achieved when great minds work together.

International Mindset:

It’s important that our students are cultural aware and open to international experiences, since businesses are becoming increasingly global. During the MBA, you will have the opportunity to work with different students from all over the world by sharing elective courses with our International Full Time program students. Additionally, an International Immersion is part of the curriculum. Over one week, you will meet with local companies, government authorities and academic institutions, experiencing first-hand the culture and business practices of another economy.

Academic and Professional Success:

In order to assess your academic success, we will take into consideration the university where you studied, your bachelor’s degree score average and your GMAT or GRE score. We also want to verify your progression over time and proof of success in your current professional position. Besides, you should have clear career goals and a strong desire to achieve them.

Soft Skills:

Our students must be team players, pro-active and success driven. We also value the following skills:

  • ability to embrace change
  • resilience
  • commitment to deliver
  • leadership potential
  • desire to succeed
  • communication skills
  • problem-solving mindset
  • analytical thinking and reasoning
  • authenticity
  • integrity
  • collaborative skills
  • passion
  • intellectual curiosity