Welcome Career Management


Dear Prospective Students,


Welcome to the Career Management Center, which will be one of the many resources available to you when you join The Lisbon MBA. Our aim is to help you understand, identify and achieve your career goals. We do this by helping you have a realistic understanding of yourself as a person, of your skills, of your career aspirations and through that connecting you to the business world. We will work together to broaden the range of career opportunities open to you and you will complete the MBA with the tools necessary for lifelong career management.

To be successful in today’s market, you need to make the most use of the many program resources available to you. You need to understand what is your unique set of networks, skills and interests and you need to know what you are truly motivated by. And this has to be done with the end goal in mind of delivering value to a prospective employer or client. This is the philosophy that forms the foundation of how the CMC approaches student and employer development activities. We believe in delivering value to the employment market as well as to our many stakeholders.


Marta Melo
Career Management Center Director


Meet our Staff at the Career Management Center

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