The Career Management Center works with students in their career plans throughout the year, with various initiatives such as:

Career Advising Sessions

The Career Advising Sessions are the backbone of the Career Management Center (CMC) activity and we start working with our students even before classes begin. We start by asking you to do a self-assessment, which includes, among other details, the description of your values and vision. This self-assessment is the starting point for our team to get to know the students better and from there, we will work together to explore your career path.

Throughout the course of the program, you will have regular sessions with the CMC to work on your career plan, your CV and your LinkedIn profile, while also learning hands-on techniques for your interviewing skills development.

The main goal of these sessions is to help students clarify their career objectives and to equip them with the right tools for a successful job search.


Mentoring Program

The overall alumni community of The Lisbon MBA has more than 30 years of existence and embraces the heritage of our two founding business schools: it is composed by MBA alumni from Nova SBE since 1980, MBA alumni from CATÓLICA-LISBON since 1991 and the alumni from The Lisbon MBA since 2007, the year our joint-venture between CATÓLICA-LISBON and Nova SBE was created.

This alumni community is highly diverse, comprising people at C-Level positions working in Portugal and abroad, who are willing to help our students achieve their career goals, share invaluable insights from their experience, their know-how and understanding about the market and networks in which they operate in their daily professional lives.

Every year, we run a mentoring event that brings together our alumni and student communities, thus creating an instrumental opportunity of networking and an important moment of the MBA program where students and alumni have the opportunity to meet each other and start their mentor-mentee relationship.

The mentoring program is a very important activity developed by CMC and we consider it a valuable complement to the Career Advising Sessions.


Mock Interviews

Preparing students for job interviews is another essential activity that we develop at the CMC.  Through the Mock interviews at the second half of the program, we give students the opportunity to train and prepare the interview for the job they are applying for. An external consultant challenges them to make all the common interview mistakes, providing them with feedback so they can improve for the real interview.


Career Workshops

The Lisbon MBA Career Management Center is fully dedicated to give you the support you need and equip you with the tools necessary for a successful job hunt. From Long Term Career Planning to Personal Branding Seminars, our team will provide you with all the knowledge and insights you will need to start building the bridges that will allow you to achieve your career goals.


Corporate Insight Sessions

The Corporate Insight Sessions are one of several opportunities you will have to meet face-to-face with companies’ representatives from multiple industries. We invite companies to come on campus and host presentation sessions that usually take place during lunchtime or after working hours, guaranteeing that even our fully-employed students are able to attend. In certain occasions, companies can also host presentations and cocktail events at their offices. These sessions are hosted by top company executives and offer our students the possibility to network with those company managers and to gain more in-depth information about their possible career paths.

We encourage our students to take the most out of these presentation sessions, whether a company is actively recruiting or not. In addition to the networking opportunity with company managers, the interaction with other participants in these sessions and the content of the presentations will most definitely expand your business knowledge and will put you in contact with valuable details about a diverse range of industries. The more Corporate Insight Sessions you attend, the more credible and knowledgeable you will sound when speaking to professionals in the field during networking events or a job interview.