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  • The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2015

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  • MBA Summer Project at Gleam (Lisbon, Portugal)

"A really great and exclusive opportunity to feel the MIT environment."

MIT is one of the best universities in the world. The MIT one-month immersion is definitely one of the main claims of The Lisbon MBA and, therefore, it was one of the most expected events of the whole year.

Boston is a common profile US city with a downtown dotted of skyscrapers and surrounded by quite neighborhoods and suburbs. During the first weekend we had time to touchdown the city before the classes started but it was day by day when we would go knowing it deeper and finding all its charming spots.

The first moment we entered into the MIT Sloan School of Management was impressive. One mural on the wall with the last 100 years of history of the school presides the hall and it makes you feel like being at an important place. The classes were awesome not only because of the content but also the format and the dynamics created by the faculty. I have to admit that I was shocked in one macroeconomics lesson (I think it was the first time I feel something similar in a class).

We read a lot of cases but we had also time to enjoy the city, practice sports, visit and spy the competitors headquarters (Harvard), attend to entrepreneurs events and, of course, celebrate a good party with all our colleagues. During the weekends we could also visit some places near Boston. In my case I spent one weekend in NY and other in Cape Cod empowering the overall experience.

It was a really great and exclusive opportunity to feel the MIT environment and to spend a wonderful month in Boston with the MBA colleagues and friends.


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