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  • The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2015

Current Position

  • Project Manager at Sonae - Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo (Portugal)

Previous Experience

  • Senior Consultant at Symnetics (Brazil)

"A solid stepping stone for the next stage of my professional life."

As a person, I seek continuous development, challenge and have an intrinsic curiosity to figure out how the world works and discover what will be my role in it, so as to be part of change and not of the perpetuation of an existent system. I have realized that upholding this life stance of continuous development and change is hard if one is not surrounded by the right knowledge, people, inspiration and ambition. The Lisbon MBA has given me realistic points of reference to start materializing my personal expectations and ambition. These points of reference are a result of the classic skills development and acquisition of knowledge programs in combination with personal and group coaching programs.

The small scale character of The Lisbon MBA makes it a very “human” program: you are not just a number, you are a person, a promise, that is understood in its wholeness as a human being and who has a leadership potential to fulfil in society in the area of expertise in which he or she chooses to thrive. Each one of us has a specific life vision, and I was impressed by the versatility of The Lisbon MBA staff to support us in getting a step closer to that vision. In conclusion, The Lisbon MBA has already proved to be a solid stepping stone for the next stage of my professional life, as besides leaving the program with a more consolidated knowledge and skills base, I left it with a fulfilling job to which I was referred via the The Lisbon MBA program. And it is a cheerful thought to know that my relationship with The Lisbon MBA did not end in 2015 and will continue as an alumni.


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