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  • The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2013

Current Position

  • Chief Operating Officer at HeartGenetics (Lisbon, Portugal)

Previous Experience

  • MBA Summer Project at HeartGenetics (Lisbon, Portugal)

"Worth my time and capital invested."

Having a background in academic biotechnology, I expected that The Lisbon MBA would be quite hard and challenging for someone without business background. Regardless that some of my expectations were confirmed, The Lisbon MBA program ended up to be a fantastic one-year experience where I acquired an integrated set of skills that clearly were worth my time and capital invested.

If I have to highlight three reasons to apply to this program these would be:

  1. Class diversity. Any MBA class will be composed by bright and knowledgeable people with a very diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. In my opinion, this is one of the MBA program’s assets since it adds value to all class discussions, given that everyone is strongly encouraged to share their expertise with the class.
  2. Academic Staff. During the whole MBA program one can also expect a well prepared and qualified academic professors in all fields of study from the two leading Portuguese universities Nova SBE and CATÓLICA-LISBON, but also from the world class university MIT. Moreover, it is also frequent class seminars with industry leaders from reference companies that will give you the opportunity to have deep insights from the real world.
  3. Soft and hard skills. Besides the integrative training on your business-related skills such as corporate finance, marketing, and negotiation among others subjects, you will be also trained on your soft skills such as how to give public presentations, how to give feedback or how to boost your creativity. I found all MBA Friday Forums very useful from both personal and professional perspective.

Summing up, I would say that The Lisbon MBA is all about new knowledge, new skills, and thus new opportunities. With The Lisbon MBA I got my career projected from academia to a management position in a biotechnology company, which was my main goal when I started the program.


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