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  • The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2008-2010 Class

Current Position

  • Visiting Assistant Professor at Nova SBE

"I never thought it would change my life."

When I applied to The Lisbon MBA I had three objectives: to learn, to leverage my CV, and to increase my professional network. I was unemployed when I joined the MBA and I thought it could strengthen my employment odds. I never thought it would change my life… and it changed it in several dimensions. The three objectives were fully met but two other “externalities” came along that really affected me. More than increasing my network I gained friends for life. Those two intensive years were worth at least a decade in friendship building. Professionally it completely changed my track. I have been working for more than ten years in the mobile phones industry and I’m now working with Nova School of Business and Economics as COO of Nova Forum, the Nova Executive Education Institute. This is the fulfilment of an old dream – combining the knowledge industry with management. The Lisbon MBA is definitely a landmark in my life. There’s a “Before The Lisbon MBA” and an “After The Lisbon MBA”.


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