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  • The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2014

Current Position

  • Associate at Mitchell Madison Group (Los Angeles, USA)

Previous Experience

  • MBA Summer Project at OgilvyRED (Competitive Intelligence CoE) (Lisbon, Portugal)

"The Lisbon MBA students also play hard as much as they work hard."

What distinguishes The Lisbon MBA are the people that define its culture and personality. With a small yet highly diverse class, the MBA is an intimate and intense sharing of unique perspectives. Discussions are often heated, but remains respectful and always insightful. Be it a case discussion, a group project meeting, or simply over an espresso, everyday was a learning opportunity.

The Lisbon MBA students also play hard as much as they work hard. Lisbon is truly a cultural melting pot, and the class of 2014 was there to fully soak it in. From Rockin’ Rio, to Meia Maratonas, to the buzzing nightlife, we were an active part of the Lisbon scene.

Supporting this class is a solid cast of faculty and staff. When The Lisbon MBA says that we are taught by the very best Europe has to offer, they were not exaggerating. And we are constantly exposed to the Portuguese business world, with CEO talks, company visits and networking events. Moreover, the staff have always been a tremendous asset, extending a helping hand in whichever way they can.

So what made The Lisbon MBA experience special? The amazing people you meet along the way, who make you feel at home in a foreign land, and become part of your family.


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