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  • The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2006-2008

Current Position

  • Head of Customer Experience at Helpling (Berlin, Germany)

Previous Experience

  • Senior Consultant at Active Brain (Lisbon, 2002-2008)

"A foreigner trying to «crack» the job market in Portugal."

I entered The Lisbon MBA with what was then an unusual set of personal circumstances: as a foreigner trying to “crack” the job market in Portugal, a locally recognized brand name on my CV made a world of difference in opening up opportunities that otherwise might have been very difficult to access.

Doing the part-time MBA was of course very challenging, due to having to juggle studies, my job at the time as a consultant as well as my own business. Let’s just say that necessity if the mother of invention: I had to very quickly get very good at prioritizing my workload and working efficiently!

The 2 main things that I take away from my MBA was the ability to very quickly decompose a problem to get to it’s source and build a solution, independently of the specific field of study, and, in terms of hard knowledge, that the MBA equipped me with the ability to interact will all functional departments in an organization in their own field and in their own “language”.

I still use both of these main learnings from the MBA every day in my current role. Since my role requires me to coordinate and push projects through across every department, the ability to critically evaluate each department’s priorities and approach is key building the consensus to drive forward projects, as well as to be able to evaluate, compare and prioritize between sometimes conflicting department priorities.


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