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  • The Lisbon MBA International 2011 Class

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  • Grader and MSC Recruitment at Católica-Lisbon SBE

Previous Experience

  • MBA Summer Project at Espirito Santo Capital

"MIT class has just started!"

“I was looking out of the flight’s window….” No, this is not another case for tomorrow’s class! Actually, it was the first insight over Boston city and the purpose is the one-month immersion at MIT, one of the top B-Schools in the world.

The first day in Boston was full of events with a blend of “get lost” as tourist and the as classic as mandatory “Duck tour”. Of course everybody was kind of anxious to see how good is to have classes in one of most prestiged universities in the world, to assess our abilities as Lisbon MBA students in a totally different context, etc. Everybody read the crazy lengthy cases in the flight and, at 9am monday morning, “it’s ON! MIT class has just started!”.

“What about the foundation’s date of company A from industry B?” cold-called the MIT’s faculty member. “Wow, is this the proper detail?” this was the first impression for most of us in the class. However, after almost a week of tons of cases to read, few assignments appointed, vivid classes and so on, the point is that as Lisbon MBA students the outcome is a sense of group uniqueness and collective ability to excel. I believe that we all are doing in a good way and prouding not only our flag as a country but also The Lisbon MBA brand.

All the efforts from the previous 5-crazy-workloaded months are producing the desired result of improving our mindset and variety in thinking to approach all the different challenges that come across day-to-day.

The good news is that we are still in the very beginning of MIT immersion and hopefully tons of surprises are coming in….


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