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Lisbon, Portugal


  • The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2008-2010

Current Position

  • CEO and Co-Founder at Zaask

Previous Experience

  • Head of Mobile Money at TIMWE (2010-2012)

"Several advantages for an entrepreneur."

There is a big discussion happening in society about whether an MBA really helps an entrepreneur. I believe it can help a lot. However, the value or the contribution of a MBA depends on the way students face the program. In my experience, it helped because I approached The Lisbon MBA from day one as a preparation to start my own business – Zaask (www.zaask.pt).

The Lisbon MBA has several advantages for an entrepreneur, but I can highlight three: First, it is an excellent opportunity to think about your ideas and have an “out-of-the-box” perspective, different from the one you have when you are working full time: during The Lisbon MBA I have matured the idea of creating Zaask. Second, you get many chances to network and share experiences at the highest level with many influencers and extraordinary people: I met my current business partner there. Third, I feel that learning about the different management areas, business and industries models plays a major importance in our future projects: when one starts a company, he has to know and do everything, from recruiting to financing, to operational processes, and therefore needs to feel comfortable working in all these different fields, so learning about them in the MBA is a good start.


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