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Lisbon, Portugal


  • The Lisbon MBA 2014-2016

Current Position

  • Brand Manager at Omega Pharma

Previous Experience

  • Product Manager at Grupo Medinfar

"The Lisbon MBA experience goes even further."

The decision to enroll on an MBA program is usually a tough one and, before applying, I looked at several opportunities within the market. The Lisbon MBA caught my attention in such a way that no other program did. Today, I have undoubtedly confirmed my initial expectations that such a balanced program would be of the most use in opening my mind to numerous new fields while at the same time granting a unique opportunity to further develop my work capacity, values (both professional and personal) and reliance.

Yet, The Lisbon MBA experience goes even further. It’s not “just” about the quality of the academic program being delivered by top-ranking teachers and gaining an ability to foresee transversal aspects of a firm. It is much about an International cultural outlook, together with the human relations established that I’m certain will accompany me daily, from colleagues and at the same time from the always supportive professionals of all departments.

As in all investments, return is always one very relevant source of concern. Regarding The Lisbon MBA, it is clear that one will not have to wait for the end of the program to start capitalizing on such an investment.


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