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  • The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2011

Current Position

  • International Project Director at ASAP Worldwide (Barcelona, Spain)

Previous Experience

  • MBA Summer Project at Millenium BCP (Lisbon, Portugal)

"Now I feel like Clark Kent, or the feminine version."

If I thought I could do a lot of things in a small amount of time before entering the MBA, now I feel like Clark Kent, or the feminine version, of course.

This MBA has helped me to manage my time in a way I never thought it was possible, never forgetting my priorities and my responsabilities. Besides, I have learned subjects that I never thought I could and it showed me that with hard work everything is possible, or, like Adidas says “impossible is nothing”. I do believe the MBA experience has enhanced the best of me, and showed me how to see the best in everyone else.

The scholar part is amazing but this experience goes beyond that. I discovered a group of people that I know will be with me after this year and with whom I can count on, people that will help me whenever I need, or will take me to the football field to let my energies go.

This MBA has proven to me that team spirit will take me everywhere. Working in teams here at The Lisbon MBA has been invaluable for the development of my interpersonal skills. My team members have different cultural backgrounds and experiences which ends in a creative problem solving approach.


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