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São Paulo, Brazil


  • The Lisbon MBA International 2014 Class

Current Position

  • Partner at Black Sheep Consultancy

Previous Experience

  • International China Lab at Sumol+Compal

"It was great opportunity to apply what I have learned at the MBA in a real project."

The China Lab was a rich experience at both personal and professional levels. It was a challenging and demanding project that pushed our competences and coordination capabilities to the limit. The project was developed by two teams working remotely, one stayed in Lisbon (i.e. Lisbon MBA) and, another in Shanghai (i.e. Fudan University). During project, it was important to have weekly virtual meetings, to check up the files and data collected during the same period but also to keep the project goals on track so, both teams would reach the desired result.

With Sumol+Compal China breakthrough 2018 project, I had not only the chance to learn about Fast Moving Consumer Goods, retailing and marketing but also to understand how businesses are done in China where Chinese culture, economy and traditions is particularly interesting and unique.

It was great opportunity to apply what I have learned at the MBA in a real project and the collaboration and orientation of the mentor Professors had also enhanced my knowledge.

The feedback given by Sumol+Compal about the results delivered was positive and the networking created was very relevant.


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