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  • The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2011-2013

Current Position

  • Business Analyst at Dovetail (London, UK)

Previous Experience

  • Analyst at Accenture (Lisbon, 2006-2009)

"My experience in the Lisbon MBA Part Time was overwhelming."

I engaged MBA with the challenging goal of switching industry and launching an international career. I hoped by gaining a new skill set, I could launch my professional career to a new level. I applied to only one program in Portugal, the Lisbon MBA. The rational was very simple, national and international distinction of Católica and Nova Business Schools.

My experience in the Lisbon MBA Part Time was overwhelming. For two years I had two full-time jobs. Almost every day I went to campus, either to have classes, work in groups or simply to study. MBA is like a stream of 100m races. You manage to cross the finish line only to enter another sprint. I wasn’t alone. I had the privilege to belong to a diverse, talented and very cooperative group.

After I finished my MBA, I continued to do the same work for some months. Then I was assigned to an international team. I worked several months in Madrid and I was ready to move to Finland when I got an offer from London. I have changed from a technical role in Portugal to a pure functional role in one of the most coveted cities in the world. How much Lisbon MBA has contributed to this change? It is hard to measure, however I believe that gave me an edge.


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