Zaask, a portuguese ‘beyond search’ online platform that significantly improves the process of hiring local services provided either by companies or independents, just began its international expansion by choosing the spanish market as its first bet. After a consolidation phase of the operations in national ground, the startup moves towards the internationalization with the main goal of becoming a Top of Mind company in europe, in the hiring loca services market.

According to Luís Pedro Martins, Zaask’s Founder and CEO, “choosing Spain as the first step in Zaask’s internationalization is due essentially to three factors: geographic proximity, linguistic closeness and market dimension. The last one has particular relevance as we consider that it was fundamental to test our internationalization in a market with a substantial dimension.”

Launching now in the spanish market, Zaask will keep the same philosophy and business style that already has in Portugal, meaning, the client will keep having no costs in the process. With more than 4000 monthly requests in Portugal, the company hopes to achieve a higher ratio in the spanish market in the current year. Zaask also has the goal of achieving a solid growth in the first semester of this year so that the definition of the next international step can be made soon. “Currently we are studying a set of potential markets in which Zaask intends to be in a short-medium term perspective. Bets made in the near future will always be in agreement with the main goal: conquering the european market and being the most relevant player in the mind of both clients and professionals”, claimed Luís Pedro Martins.

The company currently has more than 100.000 people registered in Portugal, – including about 25.000 professionals – and promotes direct and indirectly not only the creation of jobs but also the increase of the business volume of many companies and independent professionals.


Zaask is a startup founded by two Alumni of The Lisbon MBA:  Luís Pedro Martins (The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2008-2010) and Kiruba Shankar Eswaran (The Lisbon MBA International 2010). We’re very proud that they managed to grow and be successful!
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