“Tourists … Where do they go? What do they do? How much do they spend? “

The Lisbon MBA and Turismo de Portugal jointly launched a worldwide competition of ideas and technology – the Tourism Innovation Competition – which will reward the most innovative solution to measure the behavior of tourists in the countries and / or cities they visit. The competition aims to help design the behavior of tourists and simultaneously promote innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing in the tourism sector, taking into consideration that the identity of The Lisbon MBA is also based on these three characteristics.

The winning idea will receive a prize of €10,000 or a €18,000 scholarship for the The Lisbon MBA. The other two finalists will receive €2,000 each. The three finalists will be invited to present their ideas at a conference, which will be held in Lisbon in September.

We want all to find innovative methods or strategies that enable the collection and systematization of valuable information for the different stakeholders to work in tourism.

We will value the identification of tools that enable the measurement, and the use of innovative mechanisms such as crowdsourcing and data mining of social networks, mobile devices or telecommunications operators to enable the collection and analysis of that information.

Let your ideas travel. Apply until August 31st at http://www.thelisbonmba.com/tourism-innovation-competition and share your project with us!

Competition Regulation in Portuguese
Competition Regulation in English

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For more information, please contact competition2015@thelisbonmba.com.