The Lisbon MBA International 2014 class is back from their 1-month immersion at MIT Sloan School of Management, in Boston!
If you want to know more about the MIT Sloan summer immersion, please click HERE.

Read some of their testimonials about this 4-week amazing experience in MIT Sloan:

Carlos Watson-Ferreira “Thank you for giving up your time and sharing your knowledge.”
Pedro Aleixo “1 month of classes seems a lot of time, in fact it is very little time to take the most out of the MIT excellence!”
Hugo Rigor Dear Professors, for a Lisbon MBA student, MIT’s Immersion term is always waited with eager expectations. While our program is progressively recognized internationally and already displays its own merits and achievements it the FT ranking, the simple opportunity of studying one month in an institution like MIT is a lifetime occasion.
As we are finishing this experience it’s easy to understand the success of this institution. Your classes constantly display an atmosphere filled with passion for learning, appreciation for mutual growth and room for mistakes and subsequent improvement… and you are mainly responsible for such environment. Thank you for the guidance and inspiration. While our time together was very limited, you can be certain that you already influenced our careers, for all your support, dedication and excellence as teachers and (short-term) mentors. Again, thank you!”
Frederico Barreira “Previous students had told me that this month at MIT would be an incredible experience. Now I can confirm it! I believe that faculty is largely responsible for the success of this 1-month program.
We had the opportunity to have classes on very interesting subjects and at the same time experience different teaching styles. The access to top-notch Professors with great experience provided us a great learning opportunity! Definitely the MIT immersion is one of the pluses of The Lisbon MBA program. Thank you!”
Maria João Podgorny “Every single minute of the past 4 weeks was exciting, fulfilling, and stimulating. Thank you all – professors, André, Minjae and Jaya – for your commitment to the Lisbon MBA. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of MIT Sloan.”
Jackie Khoury “Dear professors, thank you for this semester and a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure taking your courses at MIT especially with the hot subjects of leadership and entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.”
Diogo Torcato “I want to say thank you for the time we spent together, the classes, discussions that made this month an incredible experience. Looking forward to put the lessons into reality.”
Fábio Ferreira “The MIT Immersion revamped the Lisbon MBA program. The priceless insights into business and entrepreneurship were definitely motivational and truly inspirational. This experience fueled our dreams and challenged us to raise the bar and excel expectations in our future life.”
Pedro Duarte “This month at MIT has been a life changing experience. I want to seize the opportunity to say thank you to all the professors that with their lectures challenged the way I see the world.
For sure I will carry their words of wisdom throughout my life and I hope to use what I have learned to make positive changes around me. It has been a privilege to be a part of MIT Sloan. Thank you.”
Aziz Morsly

“Insightful, engaging and fun. Thanks MIT for this great experience.”


“I just want to thank the MIT Sloan team for their commitment and engagement in providing us the best possible experience on every step of the way.”
“It is an honor to be a part of your organization. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”