Three Alumni of The Lisbon MBA recently launched Mathvolution, an online platform to help students learn mathematics in a simple and personalized way. This platform, an idea created and developed during the Entrepreneurship course of The Lisbon MBA, has been in pilot phase with the Carcavelos Schools Group and is, from now on, available to the general public.

Mathvolution is an online platform that allows students to practice math exercises adapted to their level. Parents, teachers and tutors can access the student’s achievements and monitor their evolution. It is also provided information on the specific difficulties of each student, enabling a more focused approach by who accompanies them.

Bruno Franco, one of the founders of Mathvolution explains the origin and evolution of the project: “The idea for this platform came within the MBA entrepreneurship course and was also within the MBA that it was developed. On the other hand, the networking component of The Lisbon MBA opened multiple doors, in particular for the Carcavelos Schools Group. At this time, we are consolidating our presence in Portugal and addressing investors so that we can prepare our internationalization to other Portuguese-speaking countries.”

At this time, the platform is being launched only for students from 6th grade, but in the near future it should include other grades. It has a free component, so that all students can evolve in mathematics, and a Premium component with a more extensive range of exercises.

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