The Lisbon MBA International Full Time

Official Launch of the Mentoring Program (2016-02-17, 7:30 PM)

The Lisbon MBA Mentoring Program is intended to match Mentees with Alumni who are experienced professionals, the Mentors. Although each mentoring relationship is unique, there is a common determinant across the program: the Mentor-Mentee relationship is focused around career development, fostering relationships, empowering others, and preparing for success.

Joining the Mentoring Program:
The Mentoring Program was started in 2009 and it is designed to run from the March until the end of the MBA program in December.
The Mentoring Program requires a regular commitment divided between face to face meetings (when possible), email and telephone (or Skype) calls. The level of interaction between Mentor and Mentee, including the frequency and length of meetings and communications, will depend on the agreement reached between both parties.

Benefits of the Mentoring Program:
There are many benefits associated with becoming a Mentor and being a Mentee. Surely, helping someone realizing their potential and acting on one’s potential is extremely valuable.
For Mentors and Mentees both, we highlight the possibility of extending your network as a common benefit.
From the perspective of a Mentor, we can look for benefits such as: giving back and expanding personal development; from the perspective of a Mentee, we can look for benefits such as: developing skills and knowledge and advancing in career through experienced counseling.

During this Mentoring Program Launching Event for The Lisbon MBA International Full Time class, taking place February 17 at 7:30 PM, mentees will present themselves to Mentors with an Elevator Pitch, and Mentors will be organized by Industries/Areas of Expertise. There will also be an opportunity for all participants to network with each other during a cocktail at the end of the event.

Mentoring is not teaching. A mentor shares advice and experience.