On February 16, The Lisbon MBA Entrepreneurship Club will be officialy relaunched by the hands of a group of Students and Alumni, with an event that aims to bring together all the members of The Lisbon MBA community interested in Entrepreneurship.

If you’re a Student or an Alumni of The Lisbon MBA and you would like to attend this event, please contact marketing@thelisbonmba.com.

If you would like to know more about the Entrepreneurship Club, please contact entrepreneurshipclub@thelisbonmba.com.

Why now?

Entrepreneurship today is seen as not only a viable professional choice but also a force for positive change in the world.The idea of starting something from scratch has become contagious and is very much encouraged by more and more universities and governments alike.

For entrepreneurs connected to Lisbon there has never been a better time to start a business, the city is becoming the epicentre of European startup culture with events such as the Web Summit confirming the importance and international recognition of this entrepreneurial ecosystem. The startup craze has also influenced top MBA students worldwide which are currently shifting their focus from more traditional corporate paths to entrepreneurial ventures as a priority career and lifestyle choices.

What is the Entrepreneurship Club?

The Lisbon MBA Entrepreneurship Club (LEC for short) is embedded with this spirit of building and launching business ideas. We know that the process, albeit fun, of starting a business is extremely difficult and sometimes maddening but so is anything else that provides the same amount of thrill and accomplishment. The LEC will provide tools, engaging workshops, interested mentors and access to funding, making the process a bit easier leveraging on the sponsorship of The Lisbon MBA, the Portuguese top MBA program in partnership with Católica and Nova Business Schools

Our aim is to bring The Lisbon MBA community to this project, and that includes all Students and Alumni interested in Entrepreneurship. We believe that the ever present international component of The Lisbon MBA enables the creation of a strong community with not only successful entrepreneurs but also other professionals who have succeeded in the business world. Through this dynamic Club, they all can connect or reconnect, exchange ideas and opinions, make contacts, create something together. The LEC is the opportunity for all current students and alumni (wherever they may be) to engage and make things happen!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards,
Aziz Morsly, The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2014
Jaime Parodi Bardón, The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2015
Manuel Azevedo Coutinho, The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2015
Mariana Brilhante, The Lisbon MBA Part Time 2015-17