Strategic Game Simulation

The OgilvyRED WarGame is a strategic game simulation where a given number of teams “battle” for optimal strategy in the Nordics Beer (Beverages) Market.

This exercise will put actual Strategy to the test, as well as help develop a future optimal / bullet proof strategy. The WarGame is based on real intelligence developed by OgilvyRED in tandem with HEINEKEN.

It will be a great opportunity to share information and have a strategic discussion on the most effective and efficient strategies, as well as, understand Competitors strategies and tactics and how to mitigate their negative impact on the Market, and on HEINEKEN.

The WarGame will take place on November 3rd in Salão Nobre – Nova SBE, from 11am to 19pm

This is an exclusive event for The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2015 class.