The Lisbon MBA Alumni embrace the spirit of community and are at the heart of our endeavors, bringing together all graduates of The Lisbon MBA and its predecessors’ MBA programs from Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE. Our alumni business expertise is well recognized around the world and goes hand in hand with the highest positive values.

Although located in several geographies, our alumni are close to the schools and participate regularly in The Lisbon MBA activities, not only inspiring current students, but also refreshing the knowledge with updated management techniques and solutions, making the most out of a powerful network, in Portugal and around the world.

Striving for the highest personal achievement, our alumni can also engage in volunteer activities and give something back to the community, supporting the MBA programs through their time and personal resources. Alumni can propose a new student and participate in admissions interviews, can offer internships to students or hire students and alumni, mentor a current student or supervise management projects, always enhancing our common brand.

The Lisbon MBA encourages the Alumni Community to share their knowledge and experience with current students, thus helping strengthen The Lisbon MBA community through their personal and professional contributions.


The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club


The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club was founded in December 2009 in order to create a community for the alumni of The Lisbon MBA, as well as the alumni from its predecessors’ MBA programs from Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE.

All graduates from The Lisbon MBA programs are automatically members of The Lisbon MBA Club and the Alumni Club welcomes all alumni from the former MBA programs of Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE to join us! Together we are The Lisbon MBA Alumni Community!

The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club is run by its own Board, composed of the Executive Director of The Lisbon MBA, and for the mandate of 2015-18, the elected Board Members are: Paulo Marcos, President ; Carlos Oliveira, Vice President; Gonçalo Félix da Costa, Vice President; Maria João Rebelo; José Bom; Florbela Morais and José Queirós Almeida.

The Mission of The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club is to support the continuing growth and sustainable development of The Lisbon MBA Alumni Community by:

– keeping our alumni connected with The Lisbon MBA and with each other, all around the world;

– fostering the involvement of our alumni in the growth and development of The Lisbon MBA, in the domestic and global markets;

– engaging our community with government institutions and international similar institutions, economic entities, knowledge centers and local and international management organizations who acknowledge the potential of developing, in Lisbon, a center of excellence in the international management education field;

– empowering our community, celebrating our achievements and promoting a spirit of ‘knowledge partnership’ among the alumni and the students.

Together we can inspire each other, cultivate our own voice and actively contribute within our society.

The Values of The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club support our vision and mission and they define the way we work with each other and with others. Our values must inspire our thinking and reflect the basic principles of fairness, honesty, and a general, and genuine, concern for people, with full respect for the diversity of its members.