Stay involved with the MBA, volunteer your expertise and access our top talent. Playing an active role in our community will definitely help strengthen our alumni community and ultimately bring benefits to you.

There are several ways by which you can actively get involved with The Lisbon MBA, helping us guarantee that we maintain our community engaged, which will benefit you, your fellow alumni, the future generations of alumni and your business.

For more detailed information please send us an email to


Come speak to our students

As an alumnus you are welcome to share your expertise during a workshop, a Corporate Insight Session, or another type of event focused on a market or a certain business area.

Come visit us at The Lisbon MBA and make a presentation to current students:

– Share with us your ideas about markets, subjects and trends
– Tell us your success story
– Present a workshop in your area of expertize


Participate in the Mentoring Program

Helping talented MBA students can be extremely gratifying and our students will definitely appreciate having someone like you, giving them valuable insights and helping them achieve their career goals.

By participating in the Mentoring Program you will also have the opportunity to further develop your leadership and coaching skills.

Soon, we will have more details regarding our Mentoring Program. In the meantime, if you wish to get more information on how to become a mentor please get in touch with us.


Become a The Lisbon MBA Ambassador

Are you working outside Portugal? You can become a The Lisbon MBA Ambassador and represent our community abroad, helping our community to stay in touch outside our home.

Get in touch with us to find more details!


Recruit our talent

We offer you the possibility to partner with us to facilitate your hiring strategy and help you connect with our community students and alumni.

Your company can have access to our students and alumni pool of talent via:

– Posting job openings and receiving applications directly.

– Posting job openings and counting on the Career Management Center (CMC) to receive the applications on your behalf. This is particularly relevant if you do not want to disclose the name of the company that is hiring.

– Giving us a brief of the profile you are looking for and the CMC team will prepare a short list of candidates to present to you.

Interviews can be conducted at The Lisbon MBA facilities, at your office or virtually.

To have access to the CVs and career profiles of our students and The Lisbon MBA alumni please go to: Get to Know Our Talent



Awarding scholarships to exceptional candidates helps them fulfill their career aspirations by facilitating their access to an internationally recognized MBA program like The Lisbon MBA and in its turn it will help guarantee the future success of our community – allowing us to expand even further our future network of business leaders and social contributors.

Soon, we will have more details regarding how you can contribute to our Scholarships Program.